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Blair GollihurBlair Gollihur, Owner/Travel Consultant

Blair developed a sense of adventure and an appreciation for new experiences, friends and sites at a young age. Her father was a career Naval officer whose job required many moves to the East Coast, West Coast and Hawaii – and back. Every year the family would pull up their roots, pack their bags and relocate. After attending U.C. Santa Cruz, Blair began her ten year career in the travel industry working in both wholesale and retail capacities in San Francisco. Her work varied from busy commercial travel and leisure companies to the operations departments of several cruise lines, designing custom African art collecting tours of the Ivory Coast, managing the busy “Zurich Desk” for a charter flight company, and many other exciting positions that allowed her to travel and experience new horizons. After marrying, she moved back East once again, and took a detour from the travel field for another career working with oceanographers and climate scientists in the Washington, DC, area and then far north to rural Maine where she completed her MS in Environmental Management while raising her son.

And she kept moving! Upon relocating back to Northern California, Blair re-entered the travel field as an outside sales agent and, after a few years, she realized it was time to embark on her own and create an alternative for those seeking the different kind of travel experience that she enjoyed. She knew that there were others who shared the same interest in a unique and authentic travel experience and that she could help those travelers realize their dreams, too. The decision was firmly made after her first trip to India in 2011, and the subsequent launch of her company, Travelseekers, was soon to follow.

Blair lives in Camino, CA, with her husband, teenage son, a very friendly Golden Retriever and two independent cats.


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