Travelseekers is a personalized travel business that we hope you will find useful when planning your next adventure. Our goal is to provide insight, experience and suggestions to fellow intrepid travelers – be it to an exotic vacation to India, a cultural journey to Italy, a respite in the South Pacific, or an adventurous cycling or hiking trip to Europe or beyond.

Travelseekers provides assistance in planning, suggestions for routes and itineraries, recommendations on literature to read, maps to explore, and sites to see. We want to help you get there, stay there and do there! We will also share some of our own travel experiences by providing active links and a blog on this website that may inspire and guide you when planning your own adventures.

The services we can provide at TRAVELSEEKERS are:

o customized tour planning
o accommodation choices and reservations
o recommendations for cultural, spiritual and historical sites to visit
o tour operator information & booking
o air travel information and booking
o local tour guide arrangements
o health and security information
o visa and passport information
o smart, economical, professional planning for all of the above.

In short, our goal is to assist you when making all your customized travel arrangements affordable and enjoyable. When we have determined your individual desires and needs, we will do our best to tailor a trip that fulfills your wishes.

Contact information :
2681 Crystal Springs Rd.
Camino, CA 95709